Did you know that Schick Razors were the 1st Double Stainless steel blade introduced?  Schick Razor has always been at the for front of shaving technology since the 1805.  The history of the razor all started with the war on hair.  It was introduced during the Egyptian times as a straight blade sharpened on a harring bone.  The Egyptians were obsessed with cleanliness.  Infact they held barbers on a level of doctors.  Most of the time if a family could afford one they would have a barber on in the house like an all time maid.

The practice of shaving then was spread to the Greek and Romans for war purposes.  By shaving heads and cutting beards down the enemy was unable to grab into type of hair during a battle to gain any type of advantage.   In fact the word “Barbaric” possibly come from the term of Barb or Barbarian.

The 1st razor introduced was call the T razor or Straight Razor.  This type of razor stayed around for 100’s of years.  The Straight Razor  took practice and  skill to be a used properly.   This blade was known as the throat slasher because of the precision and delicate that you had to handle it with.    The straight blade was sharpened by a long piece of leather or a soap stone.

That is when the first single blade hand held blade was invented. Fast forward to 1965 and the  best new technology of adding teflon on the blades for a smoother and less irritating shave.   From there the battle begins.  It all started when Schick drew first blood and added a second blade to the single blade technology.   And then came the 3rd blade and then the 4th and the 5th and so on.

Schick Shave lab is always on the Cutting Edge of Shaving technology.  Most of the market has stabilized and all the big players have there market share pretty much established.  From the technology you’re not going to get better on the steel.  Only way to have better steel is to buy higher quality steel which obviously cost more money.    Other technologies have showed up like a ball for easier rotation.  However market research shows that this was not a high seller and people didn’t want to pay the preminum pricing.

And that is when the market shaker came up to turn the industry on end.  The Pioneer in this field of players came down  to convenience  and price.  This is where the Dollar Shave Club came in.  They were cheap, high quality, and convenient.  Razor kit delivered straight to your door fresh every month and a low low price.

You know those crazy commercials where the guy get a shocked for trying to take razors to the front desk to pay.  Or even better yet the guy from that tree  company kctreecareservice.com where a large limb falls on top of his head because he was to scared to shave his beard because of the high costs of the razors he needed to buy.  There is all sorts of great commercials they put out and it has gotten the attention of the major players in the industry.